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LEAD with your dreams, instead of PUSHING against your struggles.

Hester Van der Elst, our clinic’s in-house counsellor, draws on her knowledge of the human mind and behaviour to help make sense of the challenges her clients face. Hester’s training, experience and caring nature enable her to provide the support, guidance and practical tools her clients need to discover their deepest truths, values and innate strengths, enabling them to live a life with more meaning, greater purpose and less struggle.

Hester offers counselling specifically for professionals, when they are:

Becoming a parent

Becoming a parent is portrayed as a wonderful event. However, it is easy to feel inadequate when your experience is not “pure bliss”. Women may have experienced trauma at birth, lost their baby, may be secretly struggling to love their baby or accept their unfamiliar post-partum body, or feel guilty for intensely missing their old life, to name just a few. For the partners of these women life changes dramatically as well, leaving them with their own struggles and losses, and often fearful of the future.  Second time parenthood can be equally challenging for many reasons.  As a parent herself, Hester has lived and understands most facets of this experience. This is why she is passionate about supporting pregnant and post-partum women and their partners on their journey back to joy.

Living with Anxiety and/or Depression

Whether you have been diagnosed with anxiety or depression, or not, or have “good reason” for being anxious or depressed, it is hard to carry on when the colour has gone out of your world, or it has become a scary place. When we are having trouble coping, feeling stuck or fearful, for whatever reason, it can be hard to speak up and tell others how we feel. This can then affect our mental health even further, and make us feel hopeless about ever living in colour and feeling joy again. Hester’s compassionate nature allows her clients to explore their experiences and options with clarity, without fear of judgement, while practising skills leading to more joy-filled meaningful living.

Hester’s wish for all her clients is this:

“May your choices reflect your hopes, not your fears.”
– Nelson Mandela


Consultation is by appointment only at $120 per 1 hour session.

Make today the day you take positive action. Have a go.

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